5 Reasons You Need Microsoft Advertising in 2021

5 Reasons You Need Microsoft Advertising in 2021

January 11, 2021
Push Perspective

Microsoft’s annual awards ceremony is in February this year and the theme is “Forward Together” which points to the importance of partnership and how we move forward toward recovery and growth.

Push are incredibly proud to be finalists in not just 1 but 2 categories this year – European Channel Partner of the Year and Account Team of the Year.

A large number of our customers adopted Microsoft Advertising in 2020. There are 5 key reasons why you should do the same this year:

  1. It’s Growing
  2. Despite Google’s dominance in the search space, Microsoft Bing still owns a high – and growing – percentage of searches. In fact, the UK has seen a 35% YOY market growth in the past 5 years! In fact, 23% of all desktop searches were via Microsoft Bing last year.
  3. We saw a 300% growth in spending from our eCommerce customers in Q4 2020 versus Q4 2019.
  4. Your Ads in more Places
  5. Microsoft Search Network now powers more searches in more places than ever before. You can find Microsoft Bing in Windows 10, Cortana and Office, AOL and more. More devices, such as Amazon’s Echo suite, are leaning on Microsoft for their search functionality. Targeting around LinkedIn signals makes capturing professional leads easier than you may think.
  6. A campaign testing the LinkedIn Audience BETA in Microsoft Ads had a 148% higher conversion rate and 62% lower CPA than the account average for a recruitment agency.
  7. Valuable Audience
  8. Unique desktop searchers on the Microsoft Search Network spend 32% more online than the average. 71% of the Microsoft Search Network’s audience are 35 and older and the audience is more affluent so Microsoft Bing can help you reach the customers you want the most.
  9. We introduced Microsoft Ads for a customer selling noise monitoring & measuring equipment and increased conversions by 91%, at a CPA that was 243% lower as the customer found a largely untapped audience for their products.
  10. Great ROI
  11. Less traffic means less competition, lower costs and better return on investment. A Microsoft Bing click costs 60% less than Google on average. Any eCommerce business not using Microsoft Bing is losing at least 10% of additional sales.
  12. We saw some fantastic results in the 2020 holiday period:
  13. DIY specialist – 150% YoY growth in Black Friday period and 2,000% return on advertising spend.
  14. Online gifts retailer – 75% YoY growth from previous holiday period and record weekly sales in Black Friday week.
  15. Easy to Set Up
  16. Although you can import your already successful campaigns into Microsoft this is not an approach we recommend. We have a process to create campaigns for Microsoft from scratch that gets campaigns live quickly and maximises ROI. Our Adinvestor advertising tech platform allows customers to monitor performance on all their campaigns across Google, Microsoft & Facebook, providing easy integration of Microsoft Advertising into your marketing campaigns.


How We Can Help You In The New Year

We have helped thousands of customers either maximise their existing online strategy or support them to create a new online business for an already exceptional retail store.

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