Our Co-CEO, Ricky Solanki was recently joined by Jaydeep Chakraborty, CEO of Calcutta Rescue.

“The charity Calcutta Rescue has inspired to me and life changing for many of the people it serves. Although India’s economy is growing fast it is still home to a quarter of the world’s poorest people. It is estimated that a third of Kolkata’s residents live in slum.” Ricky Solanki, Push Co-CEO

In this episode of Push Talks, Ricky speaks to his long time friend, Jaydeep, to find out more about the amazing story of its founder as well as:

  • What does a slum today look like
  • How and why they support those living in slums
  • How they minimised the impact of Covid

We are delighted to support them via Push and see the great impact they continue to have.

If you would like to donate to this great cause, please visit ​​

Please share to raise awareness of the charity!

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