Case study
How we combined Facebook, Google, and Microsoft to increase leads by 5X

How we combined Facebook, Google, and Microsoft to increase leads by 5X

The cost comparison website is a broker for businesses to compare and find the best business service providers. 

They were looking to substantially increase the volume of leads that they were generating.

The challenge

  • They were previously running a campaign with their parent company and were getting only 300 leads in a month.
  • Reinvent the way business service companies position themselves in the market.
  • Achieve 3,000 leads in 6 months.
  • Ensure quality of leads enables us to achieve the customer acquisition cost.
  • Ensure all leads are followed or targeted.
  • Focus on seamless lead acquisition through good user experiences.

The approach

To solve this challenge we researched the market and found the best player. Then we analysed the player and we convinced our client to create a new entity to support their business – this was an end-to-end implementation, with digital consultancy from Push.

To convince the client to take the leap, we researched the market, designed the campaign plan, estimated leads per channel and cost-per-lead, presenting a holistic business and digital approach.

Approach 1

  • Research
    We found the biggest player in the market and analysed them to find their weaknesses. The biggest player was a lead generator and it didn’t offer a phone number for leads to get a quote and data was not shared between lead generator and client.
  • Holistic Approach
    We first planned the whole PPC account and then we built the website in order to design it in a way to accommodate dynamic locations on targeting and a seamless customer journey for each type of campaign.
  • Scripts
    Utilised Google Scripts to add SQRs in each campaign saving 10 hours every week, allowing us to spend more time in our broad, DSA and RLSA campaigns. These revealed new areas of interest that we needed to build campaigns around.
  • Features
    Implemented all types of search campaigns (Brand, Competitors, DSA, Generic, Specific, Locations, RLSA) with all 4 match types using bid stacking on keyword level.
  • Funnels
    Paired search and social channels to create a seamless remarketing approach, retargeting search ad visitors (with a dedicated landing page for search), through to Facebook and retargeting Facebook visitors through RLSA.

Approach 2

  • Customer Behaviour
    We analysed, interpreted and built strategies around customer behaviour to ensure maximum efficiency – e.g. different types of customers redirected to specific pages on the website, nurturing them differently through specific audiences with RLSA.
  • BETAs
    Using Google BETAs to filter down business prospects, from household prospects using in-market for audiences and also optimising ads utilising responsive search ads.
  • Innovation
    We used a multi-stage form to increase conversion rates, added an overlay to convert users and positioned our client as the premier business cost comparison site.
  • Scripts
    We used a script to change bids at the keyword level for campaigns that were using a manual CPC strategy. Conditions used were yesterday’s position of each keyword combined with its CPA for the last 30 days.

The results

  • We started working with the comparison website in February 2018, and during the first three months we grew the account from 300 leads to 1,500, whilst also dropping the CPA.
  • In the first three months, the conversion rate remained at 4% and it was not negatively affected by the growth in the number of leads.
  • By the end of the year we are targeting a growth of over 1,000%, hitting 4,500 leads and expanding the market through search innovation, display and video.
  • This has all been achieved through Google Ads campaigns and marketing strategies executed in cooperation with the business.


Push have been a key part of the success of our business this year. Their work on our campaigns has increased our sales by 100%.

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