Case study
How we Grew an eCommerce Business by over 50% in 3 months

How we Grew an eCommerce Business by over 50% in 3 months

Account has grown revenue by


vs a spend increase of 17%

Revenue soared by


from a 19% growth baseline

Ross Handling is a family run business that has been going for over 40 years and has grown into the UK’s number one supplier for Casters, Wheels & Material Handling Equipment.

They supply both the B2B & B2C markets, and after launching a website in 2012 engaged us in Autumn last year to help drive the online side of the business as they were very unhappy with their Google Shopping performance.

The challenge

  • To grow the online section of their business significantly.
  • Customer has worked with another agency previously but unhappy with the results and level of shopping growth and had considered defocusing PPC. This isn’t a typical type of business that always has success on Google shopping.
  • We met the customer at a joint event we hosted with Google and the challenge was to change their perception about how Google shopping could help their business grow in a rapid time frame.

The approach

  • Agreed to a detailed roadmap with the customer and what new products we would be introducing and the target results we expected to generate.
  • Be more aggressive & actively pursuing a higher impression share.
  • Utilising Google’s smart bidding solutions. 25% of account revenue is coming from USC campaigns.
  • We are also running smart display and target ROAS search campaigns which are working well.
  • We are running shopping, search, display & have introduced video campaigns to help increase visibility for key products.
  • Feed management tools optimised feeds and with innovation on restructuring feeds we ensured more relevant products were shown.

The results

  • Online business has grown significantly since October last year (averaging around 19% until February, then has hit 60%, 40% and 50% the last 3 months).
  • Since January the account has grown revenue by 34% vs a spend increase of 17%, so a 2 fold increase.
  • 25% of account revenue coming from USC campaigns, which are being run in conjunction with search, normal shopping, display & video.


I have been inspired since moving agencies that I am dealing with a knowledgeable and professional company that is enthused and incentivised to take my business to the next level. We have driven massive growth on a monthly basis whilst maintaining a keen eye and control over cost. Profitable growth is key and the team at Push are helping make this happen.

Louise Horne