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How we increased growth for an outdoor park by 11% YOY

How we increased growth for an outdoor park by 11% YOY

Our customer, Outdoor Ventures, has 5 amazing parks around the United States focused on aerial adventure, climbing, and zip-lining, our client wanted to grow their website conversions and gain new customers.

Like many businesses after the IOS15 update, Outdoor Ventures found that retargeting prospective customers through social media was a real challenge.

Through deep analysis of their data, we discovered the best strategy for ad formats and reaching the right audience, all whilst reducing their cost of advertising and increasing their click-through rate.

Outdoor ventures: the challenge

  • Finding the best converting audience and targeting them with the right messaging for increasing sales.
  • Finding the right ad format to achieve a better cost of advertising.
  • Selling tickets even when the park is closed.

The results

  • We Exceeded our Targets
    With a combination of the right audience, the right ad format and dedicated ad copy, we increased conversions even amongst cold audiences.
  • Increased Conversion Rate, Increased ROAS
    With the right audience optimisations, we were able to achieve a higher conversion rate and a higher average order value.This prompted the Outdoor Ventures to increase their advertising spend, which increased ROAS by 22% compared to the previous period.


The approach

  • Living the “new normal”
    After lockdown, we knew that content which focused on “getting outdoors” would work well, but we wanted to tailor our messaging to specific audience pain points.So, our approach focused on creating a bespoke message per audience group.For example, parents would be targeted with ad copy such as:“Are your kids having too much screen-time lately?Create memories with them instead.”Whereas, office workers would be targeted with ad copy such as:“Get your team far from the screens and into real adventure”. 
Outdoor Ventures - Facebook Ad Example
  • Testing & Experimentation
    We decided to test a new platform: Pinterest. Pinterest is a place where we can target people by their interests (people who love to spend time outdoors) as well as with keywords (people that search for “best outdoor activity with kids this summer”).By producing a combination of new ads, keywords and interests, we consistently achieved a monthly ROAS of 450% during our testing period.
  • Dynamic Ads
    We created a spreadsheet which listed each of the ticket packages that the parks offered: All-Day Adventure, Birthday Party, Group Tickets for 2, 4 or 10, etc.We uploaded dynamic ads to Facebook which reflected each of these packages as if they were real products.Through doing this we were able to retarget website visitors with products they had interacted with previously, including a “Flexible Booking” message to incentivise their booking.
  • Data Analysis and Interrogation
    By analysing previous campaigns, we spotted that “slideshow” ads historically achieved great CPCs with an amazing CTR.We decided to promote these ads further whilst also testing video formats. This approach gave us the opportunity to decrease our CPM of $25 to $7.
  • Digital Gift Cards
    During lockdown and with Christmas approaching in November of last year, we needed to find a way to sell tickets for the parks.By using “Flexible Booking” messaging such as “Buy Now, Use it Later” or “Best Stocking Filling Ever!”, we were able to achieve conversions even whilst the parks were closed.



To achieve these results, we used a wide range of strategies and analysis – and this is one of the things we do best here at Push!

As a client-focused agency, we aim to provide the best ideas and ways to exceed people’s expectations. Optimising existing data was key, as well as experimenting with new channels and identifying the best solutions for the problems our client faced online.

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It has been fantastic working with the team at Push. They have really made a proactive effort to understand our unique business and find the best solutions for our needs.

Candie Fisher