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How we increased leads by 2000% for Health Insurance company

How we increased leads by 2000% for Health Insurance company

Which Health Insurer (WHI) provides high converting leads to multiple health insurance businesses in the UK, straight into their dialing system.

The key KPIs for WHI and their brokers is generating enough leads to feed large sales teams real time with a focus on intent and policy size.

The challenges

  • Which Health Insurer needed to hit large numbers of leads at a £50 CPA within the first 3 months
  • The market is extremely competitive with CPCs (cost per click) very high, sometimes at £20 per click so the conversion rate on the landing page needed to be constantly improved
  • To ensure the conversion rate at the sales agent size was high, it was very important to drive people looking for a health insurance premium, not a low cost cashplan, dental plan or travel health insurance policy


The approach

Step 1: Campaign Refinement
  • Using 3-4 different keyword research tools (Googles own, Neil Patel, SEMrush and more) we built a tight but large list of keywords to focus on and built a list of negative keywords (over 1000) to stop irrelevant searches.
  • We split broad match & DSA campaigns to run on a lower budget alongside main campaigns as ‘exploratory’ campaigns to find out how the market changes and find new keywords to block and add.
  • We used audience of people recently looking into travel outside of the EU to block and stop large numbers of travel enquiries coming through.
Step 2: Robust & Contant CRO (conversion rate optimisation)
  • If your ad campaigns lead people to the shop, your website/landing page convince them to buy. We ensured every month for over a year we had at least one A/B test running on our landing pages
  • From small changes like different colours of call to action buttons, to completely different form layouts were made each month to constantly increase our conversion rate
  • Of course, not every test works but we have a system to quickly pick this up, pause the new version, and continue optimising the old which helped increase conversion rates from 5% to over 20% in a year

The results

  • 2000% increase in leads from month 1 to month 12
  • 20% reduction in CPA despite a massive increase in volume
  • On site conversion rate rose from 5% to over 20%
Which Health Insurer: Landing pages