Case study
How we Reduced Cost Per Lead by 41% with TikTok for a HR Business

How we Reduced Cost Per Lead by 41% with TikTok for a HR Business

Our HR customer, Breakroom, is currently seeing fast growth and is therefore keen to explore the variety of growth opportunities available across different digital platforms.

We tested TikTok advertising as a new approach for efficiently expanding their digital growth.

The challenge

  • The client has ambitious growth goals with a challenging target for cost per lead.
  • Popular digital platforms have become too expensive to grow volume without inflating cost per lead.

The results

Volume Growth, Lower Cost Per Lead

After introducing TikTok to their existing advertising strategy, we increased overall lead volume by 76% month on month, while decreasing their overall cost per lead by 41%.

The approach

Adopting An Omni-Channel Approach

We incorporated TikTok into the client’s existing advertising channel mix in order to leverage TikTok’s low CPM and high community engagement.

However, instead of shifting the advertising budget entirely onto TikTok, we adopted a flexible approach by allocating budget based on performance.

Digital advertising is dynamic and constantly changing. Adopting an omni-channel approach acknowledges that different platforms play their own role in overall advertising strategy and therefore shouldn’t be analysed in silos.

It also helps to minimise underperformance due to a singular platform or external factors.


Using Strong Creatives

TikTok requires incredibly strong creatives. If an ad doesn’t suit the ‘For You’ feed, users will just scroll right past and continue to watch the content that is already customised to their interests and behaviours.

The client had already started building their organic TikTok community with value-adding content that followed TikTok’s best practices and looked native to the platform.

Therefore, we used the same style of videos for our ads to ensure consistency in creatives. We then analysed individual ad performance to inform future video creation.


Testing and Experimentation

At Push, we love to test and learn. TikTok is the most fast-paced platform we work with, which aligns with how the platform entertains users: there is new content and trends available every single day.

Therefore, to see success on this platform it is an absolute must to constantly experiment. It is recommended that ad creatives are refreshed on a bi-weekly basis as something that worked well last month may not work well this month.

We also implemented a phase-testing framework to find the audiences and ads that convert most efficiently.


Adopting TikTok into our client’s omni-channel approach and testing strong ad creatives enabled us to grow our client’s lead volume at a 41% lower cost per lead.

So, if you are looking to explore growth opportunities on different digital platforms, consider TikTok advertising as a new approach to efficiently expand your reach.

If you’ve liked what you’ve read and are interested in exploring TikTok as a new channel, please get in touch today.


Digital advertising is getting more competitive and expensive following the pandemic. As an agency and a marketing partner, we constantly seek new opportunities to help our customers grow and achieve their targets.