Case study
Unleashing the Power of Pop Culture: A Merchandise Marketing Success Story

Unleashing the Power of Pop Culture: A Merchandise Marketing Success Story

Our customer is a premier destination for top-quality merchandise from movies, TV shows, comic books, baking, knitting, and gaming. They offer collectibles, figurines, comics, and merchandise from popular franchises such as Doctor Who, Marvel, Star Trek, and the Wizarding World.

While they carry products from other brands, these mentioned are their most prominent offerings.


The challenges

  • Enhancing the efficiency of their Meta performance, particularly in European and Australian markets where their brand was in its infancy and not yet well-established.
  • Overcoming the impact of a limited product range, which constrained their performance as they endeavored to keep up with the ever-evolving market and industry.

The approach

Consolidated Account Structure
  • Our first step was to consolidate their account structure, which allowed us to streamline their campaigns and optimise their budgets more effectively. This helped us focus on the most profitable markets and allocate resources accordingly.


Creative testing
  • We also implemented continuous creative testing and found the products, creative and copies that resonate with their target audiences.
  • By using data-driven insights, we were able to make data-backed decisions and optimise their ads for better performance.


Promotion and Sale Optimisation
  • Strategic use of promotions and sales also played a significant role in increasing sales and improving efficiency. We worked with our client to identify the best offers and discounts to promote, and the best promotion activation.


Strong scaling strategy
  • Strong scaling strategies were key to driving traffic and increasing sales. We implemented a combination of scaling tactics, from audience expansion to accelerated delivery campaign.
  • This helped us increase their reach and drive conversions significantly, without considerably impacting their cost per acquisition.


Improving working process with automation
  • We improved the collaboration process between the client and our team using automation tools.
  • By automating budget management and ad build, we were able to save time and ensure that our clients’ ads were always up to date with the latest offers, promotions and product releases.


The results

  • Achieved client’s target ROAS
  • Impressive 10% YoY increase
  • Reduced CPA amid challenges


Advertising for collectible retailers has become more challenging than ever before. With increased competition and rising costs, it’s vital to find new ways to help boost performance and deliver better results.